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Electric Go Karts Built By Alexandria Think-Tank

On Tuesday, Nov. 23, Building Momentum pulled off a feat of engineering, revealing two electric go-karts built in a mere 6 days. When Building Momentum CEO Brad Halsey was approached by a government client with the task of prototyping an electric vehicle for special ops, his team immediately thought of go-karts.
The Building Momentum go-kart team
According to, "Two team members, Amanda Cota and Rowan Dell-Deronde, were the project leads. “We were delivered the go-kart problem and it was a fun way to build both skills and teamwork,” details Dell-Deronde. “There was a week of learning tools and skills and teaching each other those skills, and then it was the 6-day go-kart challenge. We hit the ground running,” adds Cota." As per, "The challenge was to turn two gas-powered go-karts into electric vehicles. The karts consist of 4 electric batteries attached to the rear, which power the pedals and steering; a 3D printed switch box to act as the gear shift; a laser-cut acrylic license plate; and more features in the works like a 3D printed cup-holder."

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