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Blue And White Carryout Closes, Reopens In Alexandria

Closures and openings – sometimes with one restaurant over the course of several days! – is the theme of the moment in the Alexandria food scene. Let’s dig in. As per Alexandria Gazette Packet, "The Blue and White Carryout, a mainstay for to-go breakfast and lunch at 1024 Wythe Street, on the corner of Route 1, has had an eventful few weeks. At the end of April, customers got word that the deli, which has been open since 1942, was closing. But lo! The story didn’t end there. After much public outcry from faithful customers, the Blue and White reopened shortly thereafter and has once again begun serving breakfast and lunch to the community. Customers posted this week on Facebook from the carryout spot to prove it was open. “Blue & white is open, I repeat blue & white is still open … bean soup, bologna n egg,” posted one customer."

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