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Restaurants In Alexandria Working To Keep Diners Safe During Winter

In Virginia, where indoor dining is still allowed right now, a pair of restaurants that are in the Alexandria Restaurant Partners have outfitted their dining areas with special ultraviolet lighting. It’s similar to what hospitals do to sanitize surgical rooms, though the intensity of the lights isn’t nearly as strong. There’s no chance of scoring a tan from them. According to, "Scott Shaw, the president of the Alexandria Restaurant Partners, admits he’s not a science guy. Getting into why it works might be too complicated, but he knows it does while still fitting in with his restaurant’s décor. “You notice a really beautiful intense, white spotlight right over the table which could look like a nice Italian light fixture,” said Shaw. “Behind the scenes, it’s sending out its UV rays to keep the air clean. You don’t notice anything.” Patrons won’t feel it there, either, as any pathogens floating in the droplets coming out of their mouth are neutralized as soon as they hit the light." As per, "With no indoor dining allowed at all right now, HalfSmoke has set up what it calls “igloos” across the street from its restaurant at the corner of 7th and Florida Avenue Northwest. The igloos are actually private tents set up in a parking lot that can seat up to six people. The igloos offer customers the ability to go through most of their meal without any physical contact with the wait staff, which can communicate through the tent even with the doors and windows closed. Reservations must be made ahead of time to dine in at what McCain calls the “Winter Wonderland."

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