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Healthy Cooking During The Age Of Coronavirus

Stocking the pantry with a food supply that’s meant to last for weeks has become the new normal during this time of social distancing. Dining out has become out of question. From potato chips washed down by soda to canned tuna paired with frozen broccoli, cooking and eating food that’s on hand can throw an entire household into an unhealthy culinary rut.
A pantry stocked with a carefully planned array of staples can keep meals healthy and interesting
According to the Alexandria Gazette Packet, "With a little creativity, it’s possible to turn pantry staples into healthy, but savory dishes that can be soul-soothing during this time of heightened anxiety says Terri Carr of Terri’s Table in Potomac. “Stews, chilies and soups [made with] ground meats, potatoes, canned beans and tomatoes, and stock or broth cooking in a slow cooker or on the stovetop for a couple of hours release aromas that are inviting and comforting,” she said. “Pasta dishes can be very diverse depending upon what ingredients you have available. They don’t have to be limited to typical pasta sauces. Adding lots of onions, a bit of garlic, parmesan and even greens at the end of cooking the pasta can be very tasty and healthy." As per the Alexandria Gazette Packet, "When the butcher section of the grocery store is low on meat, it’s time to think inside the can. “If you want turkey burgers, but don’t have turkey use canned salmon and make a salmon burger,” said Zalman. “It’s delicious, inexpensive and healthy. “If you have kids you can make casseroles like a tuna casserole or a salmon casserole.” In fact, healthy cooking is a way to spend the extra family time we’re given. “A good way to get families together in the kitchen is [making] things from scratches such as soups and bread or treats,” said Cochrane."

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